cropped asset-mapping along Leith Walk

What’s this about?

This page will summarise what we hope to do within the project, so that people can get an idea of what they will be letting themselves in for!

Hopefully it’ll summarise both our offer, and what ‘ll be expected of participants.

Supporting partners (see Who’s here) would like to work with a (self-assembled) national cohort on the processes involved with community asset-mapping, individual network-mapping, and ‘social prescription’, helping participants plan, carry out initial activities (the actual mapping), and follow-through, in a number of locations and communities of geography/interest across Scotland.

The cohort will explore the tools available, try them out in their local communities, share notes and stories with each other, appreciate the useful things that can flow from asset-mapping, and create the basis for broader networks of ‘mappers’.

The shared use of tools that support community asset-mapping; personal-asset mapping; and the description of individual networks will enable our national cohort to explore such related topics as: service-design and innovation; person-centred planning; the links between social connectedness and health and well-being.

We will collectively share the wider learning from these processes in order to support others to do similar.

People will get out as much as they put in – that’s an important principle.